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PHARMACELL Ltd was established in 2009 with main activity the representation, import and distribution of veterinary medicines, food supplements and equipment for veterinarians and livestock farms.

Our rising performance from the start, allowed a constant growth that enhanced the ability of Pharmacell to provide new differentiated products and services. Our core focus is the study and monitoring of the international trends and practices on safety, hygiene and animal nutrition. Then we adjust these practices to the special needs of the Greek market, by using the scientific knowledge and expertise of our people.

The product portfolio of Pharmacell incorporates a wide range of veterinary products, both for livestock animals and pets. Also includes product lines of Veterinary Medicines and Vaccines, Foods, Supplements, Raw materials, and veterinary supplies

PHARMACELL represents for Macedonia and Thrace, Thessaly, Epirus, and Central Greece, the wide range of veterinary medicines of NEOCELLL, namely, the houses DOPHARMA, RICHTER PHARMA AG, IDT, CHANELLE, DFV, MAYMO LABORATORIOS SA, LEVET, and OVEJERO LABORATORIOS.



In addition, our partnership with the European house OVER GROUP offers the opportunity to the Greek farmer, to benefit from the innovative special supplements OVER AGRO, attributing excellent results and great acceptance.

We also represent exclusively in Greece, the product line PREMERVO of the well-known Dutch firm NUSCIENCE-VITAMEX, which includes a wide range of nutritional supplements and premixes for ruminants.

Our extended range also incorporates the specialized dietary products of the German house BIOCHEM GmbH, BIOTox®, and ProB.IO-Sacc®.

In addition, we import Raw materials and Special Additives for the nutrition of livestock animals, thus we continuously enrich our range, with new special supplements of innovative ingredients, together with veterinarians and specialized scientific staff.


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Especially for the category of Pet, we offer a wide variety of pet-food, and specialized products for pets' care and hygiene.

exclusively represent in the Greek market the Spanish house DINGONATURA with the dog food line Dingo, the holistic food line Natura Diet, the readymade meals Mhims, the semi moist food Natural Menu, and the Healthy Snacks Bocados & Moments by Bocados.

In the portfolio of products imported and exclusively distributed in the Greek market are the lines of Nullodor, (cat litter with health indicators to detect urinary health problems), Color by Nullodor, Repellent Line and Demavic Shampoos, of the French company DEMAVIC and the series of pets' care and hygiene Over Zoo and Over Zoo Vet Line of the European house OVER GROUP.

The company also holds the exclusive distribution for Greece of the Spanish company Cecoagro, with Premium Line Avantis and PetLife.

Also in cooperation with the company KARVELLAS & Co. SA, we distribute exclusively for North Greece the international house GUABI, with the Super Premium Line Natural, the Special Premium Line Gran Plus and the Premium Line Sabor & Vida.

PHARMACELL is a vivid, dynamic and promising company, with vision and scientific knowledge. Our mission is to supply differentiated products, and added value services.


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